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If you want children one day or have concerns about your health, knowing your body’s “biomarkers” (a variety of hormones and proteins) can help you to make the right choice.

At-home tests for Fertility, Endometriosis
and Gynaecological Cancers



Our first test, the Fertility Kit, will be ready to order in Spring 2019

Data Driven Results



We apply smart data processing methods to your proteins which give us an insight into what’s going on inside your body. Combining that data with any symptoms you might have, we can predict your gynaecological function over time – putting control back into your hands

How it works


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Take a simple quiz for us to suggest the best kit for your circumstances and order online. Your kit will arrive at your doorstep with everything you’ll need.


Perform your Test

Follow the instructions and take a swab sample. When you’re done, pop it back in the post for us to analyse.


Open your Report

We send over your personalised summary produced by our medical experts. Track and compare your levels over time.

Any Questions Answered

Syrona Women is more than just tests and results. Our team of medical experts are on-hand to answer your questions. If anything in your report worries you, we’re here to help.

Customised to your needs

Based on your individual circumstances we may recommend different kinds of tests

Syrona Kit
Fertility /
Think of your hormones as signals to your fertility. Monitor your egg reserves, track your hormone levels and track your ovulation cycle. Find out if fertility options such as IVF and egg freezing could be right for you or whether you will reach menopause earlier or later than average.
Syrona Kit
Endometriosis /
Fertility issues are highly associated with endometriosis and it affects 1 in 10 women. Monitor for symptoms with the Endo kit and receive confidential support on treatment.

Syrona Kit
Gynae Health /
Too few of us actually go for our pap smears. 3 million women get the diagnosis every year and only 1 in 8 of those get detected early. With the Gynae kit, you can monitor for key signs of gynaecological cancers and track symptoms over time. All with the support of our health professionals.

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Our first kit will be ready to order

Spring 2019

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